These Tourist Spots Around the World Will Ignite Your Imaginations and Fantasy!


Let me ask you a real quick question if you’re given a chance to live for a day inside a fairy tale land will you go to grab the opportunity?

For those who said YES, now is the time! There is no need for a genie or magical carriage! All you need is a passport and we’ve got your travel list covered!

1. Germany – Neuschwanstein

Like the grandiose castles you used to see in fairytales, Neuschwanstein is a like a piece of paradise here on earth located within the Alps of Bavaria, Germany. It was built by King Ludwig II with the finest and advance technology during his reign. At present, it has become one of Europe’s most visited tourists’ spots! Here you can see the throne room, king bedroom, living room, dressing room, concert hall and many more with truly inspiring decors! If you wish to see the panoramic view of the castle, you can walk by its nearby famous bridge Marienbrucke!

2. France – Colmar

Colmar is a town in France with enchanting beauty. Tourists usually visit this modern day fairytale land for its half-timbered houses, canals and the enticing flower-decked town center! Moreover, Colmar, as mentioned to be Alsace microcosm, holds the reputation of the most popular wines in Europe!

3. Holland – Giethoorn

It feels like the time stops for a while at this very cozy water village in Holland! You can feel the serenity of the place just by looking at the photo. It is very different from the villages we grew up with! Riding a boat is the villagers’ mode of transportation in here so if you’re planning to stroll around you have to rent a boat.

4. France – Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 located at the Normandy region, France. Originally, Mont Saint-Michel was called Mont Tombe but after the archangel Saint-Michel appeared three times on the dreams of Saint-Aubert, the Bishop of Avranches, he decided to make an oratory in honor of the divine persona and now, this is what we all know—Mont Saint Michel. As time goes by, many pilgrims have visited the monastery and several renovations were made. It is divided into three architectural styles the Romanesque, Gothic and Flame Gothic. The long history of this place and its extraordinary religious significance makes Saint Mont-Michel a miracle found on earth.

5. Madagascar – Avenue of the Baobabs

Also called “Alley of Baobabs”, is said to be the most beautiful road in Madagascar! Baobab is a type of tree mostly found in the arid regions of Madagascar. These trees are 98 feet tall and can last up to 800 years old! The spectacular sunset in the savanna while walking in the midst of these trees is sure to be one of the most unforgettable experience you could ever have in life!

6. Poland – Crooked Forest

Eerily beautiful. This forest in Poland is known for its spine-chilling beauty where the roots of the trees are curved nearly 90 degrees forming a “J” letter. This phenomenon is a mystery in Poland and until today, there is no direct and solid answer on why or what cause these trees to bend.

7. Italy – Manarola

Manarola is the oldest fishing town in Italy situated on a cliff! Aside from its heart-pumping beauty, there is an old church built in 1338 called “The Church of San Lorenzo” that makes this town a jewel on Italy’s colorful history!

8. China – Zhangye Danxia Landform

Zhangye Danxia Landform or “the eye candy of Zhangye” is another nature’s masterpiece located in China! This has been a location for many Chinese and foreign movies! As a matter of fact, in November 2005, it was awarded as “China’s Most Beautiful Place”!

9. Maldives – Vaadhoo Island Sea of Stars

Just when you thought that the ocean cannot possibly be more beautiful, Vaadhoo Island will prove you wrong! Its water becomes luminous at night forming lights within the ocean thanks to the massive tide of bioluminescent phytoplankton!

10. Morocco – Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is an artistic place also known as “The Blue Pearl of Morocco”. The whole town is painted blue as if you’ve been transported into another dimension! The refreshing features of the island making it the new must-visit on tourists trail in the said country!

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