10 Fashionable and Comfortable Sandals Ideal for Men and Women


It’s summer time! Do you know what’s the best thing to do during this season? Walking! To make your walking more comfy, cool and fun, check out these sandals!

1. Nike

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When we’re talking about top of the line sneakers, Nike is one of the respected shoe brand. Nevertheless, their slippers shouldn’t also be underestimated! It is so comfy and can go with socks!

2. Adidas

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Adidas signature three-line design can also be seen on their slippers!

3. New Balance

South Korean Oppas and Onnis love to wear this sandals! the design is simple but adorable, with socks it will make you feel like a kid at kindergarten!

4. Birkenstock

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Before, Birkenstock designs aren’t famous until one day it was introduce in South Korea and began to appreciate its beauty! It is equally good with loose pants or shorts. It is comfy to wear and fashion forward!

5. Crocs

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This sandals are perfect for all weather specially during rainy season! Why rainy season? Actually its also good during hot weather, unfortunately its hole design often leave dots on your feet and it is somewhat comical (LOL).

6. Red Apple

Red Apple sandals are similar with Birkenstock waterproof sandals but much cheaper!

7. Puma

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The best thing about Puma sandals is their thickness. They are thick enough that won’t slip out your feet!

8. Puma Rihanna

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There’s no reason for women not to love and like the trendy Puma Rihanna slippers! They are cozy to put on and unlocks your inner femme fatale!

9. Fitflop

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Fitflop are every not-so-tall women dream come true! They are considered flats but not-so-flat as well. They are trendy and will give your height an additional inch!

10. Fipper

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Fipper sandals are the most common sandals we use whenever we are at the beach or if we will walk kilometer distance away. They are vibrant in color with thong-strap connected to the sole and comfortable rubber!

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