Know Which Type of Traveler Are You!



Each of us are different in our own ways. That’s why there are no two persons who are born exactly alike, even twins and siblings are different from one another.

Same thing with a group of friends traveling together. Admit it or not, though you come with the same circle, you are unlike your friends.

To make it clear, see which type of traveler are you in this list!

1. The Adventurer

This type of traveler always says yes to every travel and not afraid to go anywhere—all s/he thinks is the fun and excitement of a new adventure!

2. The Luxury Lover

While some are okay with a simple homestay, The Luxury Lover wants to spend days and night in a luxurious four-star or five-star hotel.

3. The Foodie

The one who always think about food. It’s like s/he just go on a travel to savor new food.

4. The History Explorer

The type of traveler who prefers spending hours in a museum, getting him/herself enticed with the culture and history of the place.

5. The Photographer

The camera-ready traveler who is always up to shoot anything! S/he doesn’t care where they’d go as long as the view is great.

6.  The Frugal

This kind of traveler makes it possible to reach a target place without spending much—grabs a promo ticket, looks for cheap homestay and economical food! The important thing is s/he enjoys!

7. The Chiller

They travel to get away from their busy city lifestyle and chill! This type of traveler doesn’t want to explore every corner of the place, s/he is fine to just sit and admire the place.

8. The Shopper

This type of traveler invades almost every boutiques and shops just to fill their bags with cool stuff!

9. The Follower

They just go with the flow whenever their friend or colleague says “Let’s go there!”. They don’t give suggestions and just go right behind their companions.

10. The Groupies

You can always see them in a group as if they don’t want to get lost. Also, they are afraid to travel alone—stick with the-more-the-merrier ideology.

11. The Selfie

Takes every opportunity to snap a selfie whenever s/he spots a great backdrop. This type of traveler can always be seen with a phone in hand—along with power bank.

12.  The Explorer

It seems so easy for this type of traveler to reach a certain place by just reading a map—for s/he has been and/or explored numbers of places.


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