The 1st Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair – A 3-Generation Community Fair

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Grandparents are a blessing to their grandchildren. Children are the joys of their parents and grandparents. Do you agree? However, in this busy world, how often do you think these three generations find ways to stay connected and involved in each other’s lives? How do we find time to bond and enjoy the loving moments together with our parents and grandparents? Well, it’s never too late to show our love and care to them! Take them to the upcoming Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair in EVERYDAY EXHIBITION MALL at USJ ONE on 26 to 28 July 2019!


What is The Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair all about?

Innovated and presented by Vision Strategy Group, Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair is a three-generation community fair, the first in Malaysia, which focuses on recognising the achievements of grandparents, contributions of parents, and the roles of children in a forward-looking community. 

This event is specially organized for the residents of USJ/Subang Jaya, Sunway/PJ, Puchong, and Sham Alam/Klang.

Theme:  “Health and Graceful Ageing; Love, Care, and Bonding |Learning and Growing Up”

With this year’s theme: “Health and Graceful Ageing; Love, Care, and Bonding |Learning and Growing Up”, Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair aims to provide real solutions to address the needs and wants of the three generations. These solutions will come from the different exhibitors from all over the country that will gather in this event and offer their products and services.

More so, this highly-integrated community fair is organized to extend the ultimate memorable experience in family togetherness. So, if you want to bond and make most of the loving moments together with your loved ones, this is the perfect time and venue!

RM3000 Grant in Digital Entrepreneurship, RM3000 Grant in E-Sports to be given away!

Yes, you read it right, folks! Lucky participants will be able to receive grants in Digital Entrepreneurship or E-Sports worth RM3000 each! To qualify, applicants should be present in the launch with their family members. This offer is open exclusively for Business Owners, Working Adults, and Fresh Graduates.


1.RM3000 Grant in Digital Entrepreneurship for the first 100 qualified visitors 


Do you have dreams of setting up your own part-time or full-time Digital Marketing in Malaysia? Be one of the 100 qualified visitors and get the chance to receive the RM3000 Grant for Digital Entrepreneurship and make that dream come into reality!

2. Grant in eSports for the first 100 qualified visitors

If you have a passion for gaming, why not turn eSports into a career? Be one of the 100 lucky visitors and make that happen! You can be a certified e-sports expert within 90 days!


Other Fun and Interactive Activities 

Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair has a long list of fun activities for their guests and visitors to participate in! 

Main Stage Activities

Vision Strategy Group prepared a long list of exciting for guests to take part over the three days. The 3-day community fair will begin with a press conference by Soundlife Healthcare (PI) Sdn Bhd at 11 am, on Friday, 26th July and end with Special IKS Lucky Draws and Family Draws for all the visitors on Sunday night, 28th July. Indeed, fun, interesting, rewarding experiences can be found in here!

Carnival Space Activities

The event won’t run out of fun and excitement as there will be Carnival Space Activities which include Special Sharing Sessions on the RM3000 Grand in Business or Digital Entrepreneurship and e-sports, Free Health Check ups and Services for the first 100 guests, and FREE Giveaways for Family Photo Sessions and Family Treasure hunts.


From special performances, games, workshops, to talk from exhibitors and free giveaways, this three-day community fair will give the three generations a rewarding experience. Participants will not only have great finds on products and services from exhibitors, gain and share information, but also create and enjoy a sense of togetherness and meaningful moments to cherish with their loved ones through various activities.


10 Real Solutions to be Presented at the Fair

The Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair has a goal to educate and enlighten the three generations as well as to address their needs and wants by providing them real and achievable solutions such as the following:


1.Effective Health Management and Wellness for Grandparents and Parents

As we age, we become prone to sickness and diseases. Good thing the fair has concrete solutions to address the different health issues as well as provide information on the different products, services, and devices that can be availed by the three generations for them to live a healthy,stress-free life.

2. Healthy Food for Three Generations

If we want to be free from diseases and illnesses, needless to say, we must be watchful on what we take into our body. The fair will also exhibit foods that should be taken by the different age groups, obese, and underweight persons, and many more!

3. Assistive Technology, Equipment and Devices

Find out and avail of the different assistive devices and equipment which can be of great help especially to parents and grandparents.

4. Learning, Development and Education for Children 3 to 18 Years

The Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair is the best event where parents can know more about the educational agencies and centres, digital learning materials, and talent assessment tools best for their children. 

5. Family, Love, Care and Togetherness Experience for Three Generations

Our family is what makes us happy and inspired to do well in life. It is always best to let them feel how we love and care for them by making them feel special during special occasions, or taking them to their dream destinations.

6. Skin and Hair Care, Slimming, and Fitness Especially for Grandparents and Parents

The three generations will be introduced to beauty and fitness programs, equipment, and places to help them achieve or maintain their beauty and fitness goals.

7. Corporate Training Providers and Business Consulting

Are you looking for a job, career advancement or seeking to improve your business? This fair might have answers to what you have been looking for!

8. Babies and Children Products

Get your little ones important stuff they need! From garments and accessories to toys and gadgets, you can find them all at the fair!

9. Snack Food and Beverages

Food is what keeps the family bonded and united too! Yes, you agree! 

10. Special Industri Kecil Serdahana (IKS) Zone

Here are some of the exhibitors participating in the fair:

The Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair – A 3-Generation Community Fair You Shouldn’t Miss

This is an event that every generation couldn’t afford to miss! Bring your parents and grandparents to this most anticipated and rewarding first-ever in Malaysia community fair — Grandparents, Parents, and Children Fair 2019!

Register online to avoid the long queue as there will be express lanes provided for online registrants. Plus, you will have the chance to be one of the lucky winners of our lucky draw prize!


So, what are you waiting for? Register online now

3 Generations Community Fair 

Date: 26th to 28th July 2019 (Friday to Sunday), 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Location: EVERYDAY EXHIBITION MALL at USJ ONE, Lot 535, Jalan Subang Permai, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

3GCF Visitor Directory:

Registration link:



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