These 2017 Trendy Fitness Workouts Will Help You Achieve a Fit and Healthy Body!

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If your goal includes to be fit and healthy, you must start it now! Because a fit and healthy body doesn’t happen in an instant, you have to work hard for it. How? Fortunately, shared top ten fitness workouts that will surely help you achieve a fit body that you’ve been dreaming of!

1. Running

Whether you can’t afford exercise equipment or you’re just too lazy to go to the gym, running is the best form of exercise for you! You just have to put your shoes on and start running until you sweat the hell out of you. This will exhaust you—well, all form of exercise will—but it is worth all the sweat, honey.

2. Zumba

If you’re the kind of person who loves to dance, ZUMBA is perfect for you! It is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Thus, making it sooo entertaining. In addition, ZUMBA has a strong fat burning force, wherein a 60-minute session is said to consume up to 1,000 kcal! Simply amazing, right?

3. Boxing

A form of combat sports that involves whole body movement; it has no fixed pattern. Boxing trains the body’s coordination and flexibility, as well as the ability of heart and lungs. Though this kind of exercise requires a lot of pace training, it is very significant for the lower body posture. In addition, boxing is also one of the trendy workouts perfect for office workers who want to vent out stress and pressure!


One of the famous high-intensive interval training (HIIT), wherein you try to have as many reps as possible in a span of four minutes. It is consist of 8 cycles of high-intensive interval training, alternating between 20 minutes exercise and 10 minutes rest.

5. Foam roller exercise

If you often suffer from muscle stiffness, it’s time for you to turn to foam roller exercise! This exercise uses foam roller which helps reduce inflammation and improve flexibility. How to do this? Sit with your right leg on the foam roller, bend your left knee, cross your left ankle over your right ankle and put your hands on the floor behind you (or vice versa).

6. Flywheel exercise

For those who want to burn fats, but don’t like to go out for a run, this stationary spinning exercise is for you! Since you’re riding a fixed bike, there’s nothing to worry about heat and rapid trampling.

7. Water skiing

You have probably tried swimming and surfing, but how about water skiing? Yeah, water skiing, a combined skiing and surfing, where you have to stand on the wide plate over the water as you are being pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation.

8. TRX

TRX was first used to train the US Navy SEALS. This exercise requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight. TRX trains physical fitness and increases muscle strength.

9. Kettlebell workout

Kettlebell workout, which has originated in the 17th century in Russia, has recently become a good help for those who want to lose weight. This workout consists some swings and squats which help you build muscle, increase power and get lean.

10. Pole dancing

Pole dancing has become one of the most-chosen sports by many. This form of workouts is a combination of gymnastics and dance performance which strengthens the muscles and the core muscle group.

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