From Architecture to TraveLeisure: Turning Passion into a Full-Time Job!

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Everyone has a different set of goals, aspirations, and dreams. The ideal dream is to have your passion and your talent combined and bloom into success. That is when you know, you’ve made it. It all starts with doing something that no one has done before.

This tells the story of Mason T., the founder of Thousand Miles.

Who would have thought that his mapped out interior design career would have taken a turn to designing and producing one-of-a-kind apparel, from scratch?

Mason T. graduated in 2015 from a university in Tasmania, Australia with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design. After completing his studies, he spent the next two years in Singapore working as an interior designer.

While in Singapore, he usually traveled by foot and public transport; spending an average of 6 hours a day commuting, regardless of the weather conditions. In order to maintain a good work- leisure balance, he traveled whenever time permitted.

But the problem with traveling, regardless of the distance, is the fact that it is hard to limit all your necessities in just one bag or suitcase. Mason struggled with the usual problems most travels encounter; a lack of space. He would have to take the risk of underpacking and having to purchase clothes at his holiday destination and leaving them behind.

This had led him to search the markets for multipurpose travel gears only to end up with none that were even close to what he was searching for. This pushed him to take the leap and come back to Malaysia to start the Thousand Miles journey.

In order to produce the multipurpose travel gear that he dreamt off, he spent about 2 years studying materials, workmanship, designs, and everything else that he might need before diving into the industry.

Thereafter, he worked with the very best in the industry to design and produce the finest quality travel gear. He and the team’s efforts and hard work were well paid off when his first-ever product astonishingly sold more than 15,000 pieces! It is also worth mentioning that the products are still on pre-order to accommodate the demand and each batch is selling faster than the last!

The highly anticipated LONG PANTS and T-SHIRTS will be coming soon in 2020 so keep an eye out for them! We have high hopes that these will also be amazing launches.

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