Going to the Airport Early Can Save You from Hassle this CNY Holiday!

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Since most people take advantage of the Chinese New Year to go back their own homes and some make use of this chance to travel to other countries, airlines and airport companies are advising people to get to the airport as early as possible to avoid unnecessary situations.

Long queue in the airport

Tomorrow, the start of CNY holiday, a large number of travelers is expected to arrive in the airport. Not to mention the traffic congestion that awaits. For those who are traveling back home or to other countries during the Chinese New Year, it is better to get to the airport early. Through this, you can also save your feet from standing in a long queue.

Some flights might be moved due to overbooking

In addition, there are some passengers who were told to wait for the next flight due to oversold flight ticket during the Lunar New Year. However, those who have booked their flights in advance and have paid in full are the priorities. To avoid this kind of situations, try arriving to the airport 3 to 4 hours before and clear flight details at the counter.

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