Change the Way You Learn With JOI Smartboard Program: Next Generation of Smart Learning!

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Knowledge is power — but how can you learn more if you weren’t given more? Time to unlock a new level of understanding with JOI Smartboard Program — the next generation of smart learning! 




What’s so GOOD about Interactive Flat Panel Display?

This is an all-in-one smart device which allows you to experience interactive whiteboarding, videoconferencing, and screen sharing whether you’re in a classroom setting, during meetings, or even on distance learning situation!

From the traditional whiteboards and digital projectors where participants get a limited amount of sharing, with this panel, everyone can participate vigorously! It also helps educators in checking attendance, measure students’ responsiveness, record classroom content, and gain a better understanding among students because of its multitouch capabilities!

As for meetings, Intel®-based interactive flat panel displays provide face-to-face meetings quickly, share content among others, marking up diagrams, offering real-time feedback, or taking over as presenter during meetings!

It delivers stunning ultrahigh definition (UHD) visuals with touch gestures that let you zoom, rotate, and flick objects easily. An accelerator to enhance performance for visual processing and other advanced analytics.

This panel also reduces IT support and system management costs using its Intel vPro® platform with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) which allows technicians to remotely access and correct problems even if the operating system is down! The Intel vPro® platform also provides an extra layer of hardware-based security for additional security measures!


Purchasing is now made EASY with a 36-month INSTALLMENT!

You can now get your very own Interactive Flat Panel Display without breaking the bank with its 36 months leasing contract with JOI! Plus, aside from a new panel, you can also bring home additional gifts once you buy before 28th June 2020! Bargain! 

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