Color Themes to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable and Momentous!

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When two hearts decide to join as one and plan to tie the knot soon, the future bride is in charge of the series of preparations and planning! If you are a future bride who’s having a hard time thinking of the possible things to make your wedding remarkable, these ideas will help you solve your wedding dilemma!

Start with the simplest “color”!

First and foremost, we must find an inspiration for our wedding. Go to Pinterest and search “wedding idea” plus the color or motif you want for your wedding. Several ideas will appear coming from weddings in abroad. You can also search for your hairstyles, makeup and so forth.

Next, take a look at some of these creative ideas and colors to help you select your wedding motif.

1. Red

Red is the symbol for love and is very common color among weddings.

Your wedding dress color can be dark red, red wine, purple or pink. If you’re having a light pink themed, you can wear a dark red dress to make your gown a highlight on your wedding.

If your gown and dresses are red, of course your invitations and other things should compliment with red!

However, you can also add other colors in your wedding to complement red, like light pink! Take time to play with colors, it is fun and also pleasing to the eye!

2. Pink

Make your wedding lively and lovely with pink!

Pink is probably the best color to play and match with! You can choose pink + coral pink orange + coral pink and  light orange! It creates warmth ambiance and tropical sense of feels!

With pink, you can create different themes like country side, or elegance. In addition, you can also try to add light yellow, beige and light pink, these are also good to blend with pink!

3. Gold

Gold is very beautiful with white,dark gray, dark blue, light blue and pink!

This color bring more light and luxurious effect on wedding, even the adornment on the venue are minimal, it’s already enough to make the whole venue look sparkling!

If you choose gold to be your wedding themed, your bridesmaid dresses could be white, pale pink, beige or light gray so your gown will stand out among the rest and good for photo op!

4. Tiffany blue and green

More and more brides are choosing Tiffany blue and green for their wedding themed, I mean, why not? It is pleasing to the eye and very lovely!

Tiffany blue and green is often paired with white, like white ribbons or diamonds.

Since this color is very simple and displays the color of the sea, brides can opt for a fish tail hairstyle with lace. No need to elaborate the designs on your wedding because the key principle of this color is simplicity. Your wedding will surely be filled with classic and lively vibes! To match your dress, you can paired it with a pure white bouquet!

Bring the fresh sense of sea on your wedding with Tiffany blue and green! You can adorn the venue with few shiny embezzlements.

5. Lavender Violet

Lavender Violet is a very comfortable color where guests and newlyweds feel relaxed by the warm ambiance, hence, it is the most popular color among weddings.

To add more elegance on your wedding, you can match lavender violet with white. These two colors together sets a charming wedding with a sense of a rural style in South France.

Set a French-inspired wedding by adding lavender violet bouquets, cakes and other adorable little things.

For your wedding dress, you can choose a more elegant dress like a gown made from fine satin!

Last but not the least

We only need to grasp few key elements with same details, like for example: If you like “pink lace”, you can put pink lace on your invitations, wedding gown and dresses, and other little things. We don’t really need to come up with a very complicated designs just to make a wedding look extravagant and happy.

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