Savanna Hill Resort: A European-Style Villa for Your Next Staycation in Ulu Tiram


Why spend a lot of money just to experience a high-level vacation in a European country if you can do it without flying abroad? You read it right, without flying abroad, for you can enjoy a cozy short vacation at Savanna Hill Resort in Ulu Tiram, which is just a 46-minute’s drive from  Johor Bahru City Center!

A range of European theme villas to choose from

Since Savanna Hill Resort has a theme of mixed European and American countries, guests can choose their preferred style from Bungalow Dutch, Bungalow English, and Bungalow Swiss. Each villa has its own unique and gorgeous design and a comfy and peaceful environment, where you can relax and find peace of mind.

In addition, the resort is also perfect for antique lovers for antiques are used to decorate the villa.

Different activities to enjoy

Aside from exquisite villas, Savanna Hill Resort also offers a set of fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy with the family or the gang. There are jungle trekking, night jungle adventures, archery, flying fox and more that await you.

Offers economical accommodation

Don’t be intimidated by the resort and think it might cause too much to book a stay here, for, in fact, Savanna Hill Resort offers economical accommodation perfect for budget travelers! The packages include a series of fun activities, breakfast, lunch, dinner plus barbecue party!

In addition, the resort is also a great place to hold a wedding for it can accommodate up to 500 guests!

Award-winning private building

It is also worth mentioning that Savanna Hill Resort isn’t just a resort but an award-winning vacation house! As a matter of fact, it has won the Majlis Pasir Gudang contest back in 2016.

Surely, this resort will make a great spot for your next getaway!


Savanna Hill Resort

Location: 1516, Jalan Nasiman, Kampung Sungai Tiram, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor

Contact: 019-7123222




*Image taken from Savanna Hill Resort, Ulu Tiram


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