Express Your Feelings With Flowers


Flowers during Valentine’s Day are inseparable! We show our love and appreciations through giving our loved ones a bouquet of flowers. During the ancient time of England, men and women exchanged their gifts to show their sign of love to each other. In 1537, King Henry VIII proclaimed that February 14 will be called “Valentine’s Day” in honor to Saint Valentine’s and later on it become a day for couples to show their love. We commemorate it by giving sweets or flowers, but do we really know the meaning behind every flowers?

Red Rose

For: Friends, lovers, loved ones

Flower Meaning: Love, hope and passion

White Rose

For: Friends and loved ones

Flower Meaning: purity, noble, innocent and pure love.

Pink Rose

For: Lovers

Flower meaning: declaration of love, first love and brilliant smile

Yellow Rose

For: Friends

Flower meaning: pure friendship and good wishes.

For friendship, yellow roses symbolizes pure friendship and good fortunes. If you will give yellow rose to your partner it means disappearance of love or jealousy. In Japan, yellow roses is a simple representation of breaking up with your lover. While in some in places it means waiting for love.

Champagne Rose

For: Friends and lovers

Flower Meaning: You’re the only one I love

Champagne rose is the National flower of Bulgaria and it means great love and happiness.

Purple Rose

For: Lovers

Flower meaning: matured love, “your happiness is more important than mine”

When your boyfriend gave you a purple rose, it means he wants to be with you for the rest of your lives. Together, you will create a fairy tale-like love story that will surpass everything that will come to your way together.

Green Rose

For: friends and loved ones

Flower meaning: pure and simple, youth, undying love

Black Rose

For: friends or lovers

Flower meaning: death of a relationship or rebirth of a relationship

Meaning behind the number of flowers in a bouquet

1: You are my one and only love (Love at first sight)

2: Only you and Me in this world


4: To die

5: Sincere Appreciations

6: Mutual respect, mutual love and understanding

7: I secretly love you

8: Thank you for your care, support and encouragement

9: Stand firmly

10: Perfect, impeccable

11: I will love your forever

12: My love for you kept on growing

13: Crush, friends forever

14: Proud

15: Sorry

16: Smooth sailing relationship

17: I want to be part of your life

18: Sincere; forever young

19: Permanent love

20: unswervingly love; i will always love you

21: Sincere love

22: Both pleasing

24: Miss, pure love

30: Please accept my love

33: Sansei love

36: My love only left you

40: unyielding love

44: forever vows

48: LOVE

50: No regrets of love

51: My heart is only for you

56: I love

57: I love my wife

66: My love will never change

77: Destined for each other

88: make up for apology

99: forever

100: Get old together, hundred years of love and togetherness

101: the only love

108: marriage proposal

111: endless love

123: freedom of love

144: I love you for life

365: I love you every day

999: Endless love

1000: Loyal love

1001: Forever

1314: love for the first time

9394: eternal love

Blue flirtatious florid

For: Lovers

Flower meaning: pure love and honesty

Single branch of blue banshee means, gentle affection.

Three flowers means, deepest love and hope

Seven blue flowers means, endless blessing.

Eleven blue flowers means, loving wholeheartedly

Twelver blue flowers means intimate love with your lover.

Lily flower language

White Lily

For: Friends, lovers and loved ones

Flower meaning: pure, noble, elegant, solemn

People who received white lily they are considered to have pure and innocent character. During the Mid Ages in Europe, people called the white lily as “the flower of the Virgin” because it was believed that Virgin Mary took the flower before and it turned into white.

Yellow Lily

For: friends and relatives

Flower meaning: wealth, noble, honor, happy and auspicious

Yellow lily has two meanings: If you gave it to a friend it means eternal friendship, but if you gave it to your partner it is a sign of breaking up with them.

Pink Lily

For: friends and relatives

Flower meaning: symbol of purity and elegance

Christmas Lily

For: friends and relatives

Flower meaning: radiant, celebration and truth

Tiger Lily

for: Loved ones

Flower meaning: persistent love

Other Lily flowers and their meaning

Fox lily: outstanding

Corn lily: brave and persistent love

Lily lily: talented, majestic and outstanding

Narcissus lily: joy, looking forward to meet

Black lily: cursed aloof

Wild lily: always happy

Orchid lily: late love

Tulip flowers and their meaning

White tulips

For: friends, colleagues, elders and lovers

Flower language: innocent, pure, romance, lost love

Yellow Tulips

For: Lover, teacher, customer, leader / elders

Flower language: elegant, precious, wealth, love, friendship

Pink Tulips

For: lovers, leadership/elders, friends/colleagues

Flower language: beauty, love, friendship, happiness, forever love

Red Tulips

For: lovers, customer, leadership/elders, friends/colleagues

Flower language: declaration of love

Purple Tulips

For: Lovers, leadership, elders and friends

Flower language: noble love, endless love, eternal love

Other tulip flowers and their meaning

Two-color tulips: beautiful you

Feather tulips: affectionate

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