Slide and Ride on the Swirling Gigantic Loops of Langkawi Water Kingdom Theme Park This 2018!



Langkawi, known for its rich aquatic resources, will transform into a wet and wild place with the coming of its newest attraction this 2018, none other than the highly anticipated Langkawi Water Kingdom Theme Park!

Langkawi Water Kingdom Theme Park costs RM60 Million

The Halim Mazmin Group (HMG) recently announced their newest investment with 80 million ringgit budget—Langkawi Water Kingdom Theme Park! The water park is approximately 4 hectares, offering spine-chilling rides and pools that cost RM60 million. Moreover, a total of RM20 million is invested on purchasing small aircraft to provide air charter services!

Langkawi water park proposed model design

Above are photos of the proposed look of the said theme park with gigantic loops and heart-pumping slides! Let us all look forward on its grand opening soon!

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