Look Fashionable With the Trendy Clothes at These Quality Online Boutiques Based in Malaysia


Online shops seem to be trendy and popular, nowadays. No wonder there are myriads of customers who are more likely to shop online than be stressed with the traffic jam all the way to the shopping malls. This kind of shopping is perfect especially for people who hardly have time to go out and shop. Thanks there are these online boutique shops, that are, well, based in Malaysia!

1. Oohsoprettymy

Odelia bell sleeve top RESTOCKED in ready stocks ? RM38 each Order now @ www.oohsopretty.co #shoppingroll

A post shared by ALL READY STOCKS (@oohsoprettymy) on

Instagram: @oohsoprettymy

Official website: http://oohsopretty.co/

2. Dontbenaked

Instagram: @dontbenaked

3. Mix x Mash

A post shared by Mix your outfit. ❤ (@mixnmash2) on

Instagram: @mixnmash2

4. Soulmate Collection

Instagram: @soulmate.collection

5. Meams

A post shared by Meams (@meams.co) on

A post shared by Meams (@meams.co) on

Instagram: @meams.co

Official website: https://www.meams.co/

6. Leneys

Instagram: @leneys

Official website: http://leneys.com/

7. Pink Eighteen

Instagram: @pink.eighteen

Official website: http://www.pinkeighteen.com/

8. Chikibunnie

A post shared by ?CHIKIBUNNIE? (@chikibunnie) on

A post shared by ?CHIKIBUNNIE? (@chikibunnie) on

Instagram: @chikibunnie

9. Girl Next Door

Instagram: @girlnextdoorr_

10. Colorvinee

Instagram: @colorvinee

11. We Enjoy Simplicity

Instagram: @weenjoysimplicity

12. Tapasfashion

Frilled white top available at #paradigmmall #sunwaypyramid

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Instagram: @tapasfashion

Official website: http://www.tapasfashion.com.my/

13. Melody wardrobe

Instagram: @melody_wardrobe

14. Dovey Diary

A post shared by www.doveydiary.co (@doveydiary) on

A post shared by www.doveydiary.co (@doveydiary) on

Instagram: @doveydiary

Official website: https://www.doveydiary.co/

15. Wild Creature

Instagram: @shopwildcreature

Official website: https://www.shopwildcreature.com/

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