New Tempting Grub! Try KFC’s Zinger Double Down and McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger

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Warning: This article will make you even hungrier!

KFC and McDonald’s in other countries recently launched new nosh that every foodie will certainly love. But don’t be envious, their branches here in Malaysia also offered the newest, hottest, and yummiest burgers!

Take a look at their mouthwatering advertisements.

Thank goodness McDonald’s Malaysia released their new Spicy Korean Burger too! The appetizing burger consists of a chicken/beef patty seasoned with spicy kimchi, topped with Guochujang sauce, and mixed veggies. These nom noms are sandwiched between two charcoal buns.

How about KFC’s all meat nom nom?

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Now, can you resist this bun-less burger? KFC is bringing back their Double Down for all meat lovers. The all-meat-no-burger swapped out the buns with two Zinger fillets with yummy chicken strips and cheese slice in between!

McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger

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You can get the Spicy Korean Burger along with Criss Cut Chips and FRozen Fanta for RM.99. A La Carte price is RM12.99. While the KFC Zinger Double Down is available at RM10.90.

Now take your pick!




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