10 Insanely Delicious Goodies that You Should Buy  in FamilyMart

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A joint venture between Japan and Taiwan and has thousands of branch internationally, FamilyMart is indeed fast developing!

With its slogan “Family is your home”, FamilyMart really is like a home where you can find all the things you need. Fortunately, this famous convenience store chain has also settled its first store in Malaysia. Due to the overwhelming public response, second store in the country will be opening this month at Mid Valley!

Take advantage as this convenient store reach your place. In line with this, we’ve made a list of the items that you must buy in FamilyMart!

1. Oden

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If you want to eat Kanto Cuisine including fish cakes, corn and eggs, FamilyMart has it! Oops, they also has Oden with many flavors to choose from. These delightful food will surely make your craving and appetite satisfied!

2. Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Beat the heat with soft serve ice cream! It may just be common to see almost every people who enter FamilyMart to come out holding a cone with either green tea or vanilla ice cream! Who wouldn’t be tempted to taste this very inviting and heat-beater ice cream?

3. Rice balls

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If you’re in a hurry to go to work or school and you can’t even eat breakfast at home, FamilyMart would make you covered! Grab a piece or two of their popular rice balls with different flavors. It is also good for lunch.

4. Bento

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But if you want something quite heavy for lunch, Bento would be a great choice which can also be purchased at FamilyMart! Enjoy a Japanese-style lunch at an affordable price that does not exceed RM15!

5. FamilyMart Dessert

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Of course, dessert series would not be excluded at FamilyMart! These lovely desserts are all very small but hey they are all delicious! Swiss delights, Matcha Italian milk, chocolate mousse and the likes. Grab yours now!

6. Snacks

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Since FamilyMart is a Japanese convenience store, it is no wonder that there are a lot of Japanese snacks sold in the store. These delectable finger food will surely make your afternoon break!

P.S.: FamilyMart also has Korean snacks!

7. Japan imported ice cream

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Aside from Japanese snacks, you can also buy and savor an ice cream in a waffle! This is perfect for those who don’t feel like eating the soft serve one. Wait, haven’t I told you that this is imported from Japan? Well, for sure this one will make your sweet tooth dance with happiness! Choose from vanilla, chocolate or green tea flavor.

8. Beverages

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Tea, anyone? FamilyMart’s most popular tea has four tastes – oolong tea, wheat tea, green tea and jasmine tea. These are all low in sugar. Go ahead and choose the flavor you want!

9. Sandwich

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For sure, every convience store has sandwiches, right? And FamilyMart is no exemption in giving the best and tasty sandwiches! So, if you find your tummy rumbling, enter this  store and pick your kind of sandwich now!

10. Freshly baked bread


If you think that breads in FamilyMart are not freshly baked, think again for the store produces freshly baked breads every day. There’s also a several original Japanese recipes of bread including Melon Pan and Puchi Mochi Pan. Savor the goodness and softness of these delectable breads!

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