Astounding Sky Casino in Genting Highland: Finally Opened!

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Let’s have a toast for the official opening of Sky Casino in Genting Highland!

There are two entrance points to reach the Sky Casino, one on the right side of Starbucks, while the other one is inside Sky Avenue, next to the Burger and Lobster. But, if you want to reach the casino in a faster and more convenient way, you can choose to take the cable car, which is directly to the T2 entrance of the casino.

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The Sky Casino does not only boasts for a luxurious and magnificent decorations, but also prides itself for having a spacious area, that can accommodate two giant Boeing 747 aircraft. Take note, with an altitude of 6,000 feet above, it is tagged as the largest casino ever in Genting!

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Since this is a place to have some fun and games, Sky Casino offers a spacious and elegant gaming area, which can be surely enjoyed by every gamer. With the “green forest” as the theme, expect this two-storey gaming area to offer a stylish and modern design. You will surely feel that you are in a nature park than inside a casino with a touch of refreshing green scenery.

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With the most advanced giant LED screen installed about 16 meters from the ground, it is no doubt that every guest can’t help but to look at the mesmerizing ceiling at the entertainment hall. The dancing LED lights just add colors and wonder into the place. ?

Don’t forget to visit and have fun at the Sky Casino whenever you happen to visit Genting. It will be worth it!

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