When is the Time That You Shouldn’t Take a Bath?

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Most people who live in tropical countries, such as ours, more often than not, we usually take a bath twice or even thrice a day depending on the weather. Taking a bath does not only promote cleanliness but also refreshes our mind and body. But did you know? Taking a bath can also be detrimental to our health especially at night!

1. Before going to sleep

Most of us believed that taking a hot bath before sleeping can help our body fall asleep faster. As a matter of fact, IT IS NOT. At night, our body temperature drops and taking a hot shower will raise our body’s temp that can disrupt our sleeping process and in some cases, leads to insomnia.

2. After eating

It is advisable to wait for an hour or two before taking a bath after having a full course meal. In order to digest food properly, the blood needs to flow towards the stomach and bathing does completely the opposite. It can cause dizziness or worst, hypoglycemia and other related diseases.

3. When drunk

If up until now you still believe that having a hot shower when drunk will wake you up, honey, you’re completely mistaken! Hot showers can still make you sweat thus increases the effects of alcohol. When your alcohol intake is high and coupled with hot water, it can escalate quickly to dizziness or cardio cerebrovascular disease!

4. After exercising

We strongly suggest that you should not take a bath right after working, either it’s labor or mental work. This factor can cause dizziness, blood supply insufficiency or heart related diseases!

5. If you’re experiencing low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is as lethal as hypotension. Taking a bath at night will lowers your blood pressure so what will you expect if you’re already having this condition before hand? Blood insufficiency!

When is the best time to take a bath?

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t take a bath at all, that is funny and gross! Research shows that it is best to take a bath early in the morning with cold water. This can enhance your immunity, prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, relieve anxiety, improve fertility and good for your appearance as well! Moreover, for people who works early in the morning, this can stimulate the flow of the blood in your brain which can help the neurons function well and provide compressive capacity.

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