Welcome the Lunar New Year at the Festive Thean Hou Temple!

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Every Spring Festival, Thean Hou Temple is always a must visit place in Kuala Lumpur for its inspiring decors and there is no exception this year! Their theme for this year is going to bring back the fun memories of our childhood!


Thean Hou Temple will be hosting a series of wonderful events that will mark the New Year including traditional lion dances, traditional folk art songs and many more. Stage shows are divided into two hours in the morning and evening so people won’t have to worry if they can’t catch its first showing.


7 actresses carrying 7 traditional Malaysian snacks lured to catch the crowd! It will be shown of New Year between 7:30 PM and 9:30PM.

Spring Festival Date and Time

— New Year’s Eve (10PM – 12AM, 11AM ceremony)

Lion dance, native dance, Cantonese opera show, NY songs and more.

— 年初一至年初三、年初九、年初十、元宵节(9am-10am,年初二为11.15am – 11.45am)

Lion dance, folk dance, NY songs and team performances

— 年初一至年初三、四、五、八、九、十(8pm – 9.30pm,年初八为8.30pm – 9.30pm)

Lion dance, folk dance, NY songs, Cantonese opera show and more.

— Lantern Festival (9AM – 10AM)

Lion dance, folk dance, NY songs, Cantonese opera show, drums and many more performances,

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